Gusti van der Nat

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” —Albert Einstein

I am a goal-focused and ambitious manager with a wealth of experience in leading diverse technical and international teams. I possess a track record of successful leadership and management in complex, global, and time-sensitive settings. I am a motivated, practical team player with a knack for making swift decisions and a constant commitment to achieving outcomes. I have a strong affinity for data-driven approaches and thrive in dynamic and multifaceted work environments.

This orientation is underscored by my management drives profile, where my first three drivers are nearly evenly balanced. This balance empowers me to adapt my management styles in a flexible manner and seamlessly transition between them. My primary driver is orange, signifying my emphasis on practicality, results, and efficiency. The second is red, highlighting my inclination to maintain a rapid pace, make resolute decisions, and achieve objectives. The third green driver underscores my regard for communication and involving others in my plans.