Lead HK2024-005 OT Business Consultant


  • As part of the Cybersecurity Program MUSIC3, the OT Business Consultant plays a crucial role in optimizing the organization’s OT landscape. The program’s mandate is to ensure that all strategic sites comply with the established security architecture. Drawing on extensive experience in OT (Operational Technology) and application management, the OT Business Consultant is responsible for providing a Fit/Gap analysis, contributing to the migration plan, and facilitating the transformation of these sites.
  • The implementation is based on a clear distinction between IT and OT, and the integration of several new OT security solutions (Security Monitoring, DMZ, Remote Access, Active Directory, Back-up, etc.), which impact the application landscape and business processes. 


One of the consultant’s key tasks is to identify changes and assess their impact. This requires intensive alignment with the business and program, and the consultant must ensure that decisions are made, and a migration/transformation plan is developed. He/she will closely collaborate with a team consisting of a Project Manager, Security Architect, Change Management Specialist, and Technical Specialists.

And the following project deliverables:

  • The OT Business Consultant can work independently and taking responsibility for his/her tasks.
  • He/she is proactive and able to analyze, prioritize, and solve problems.
  • Additionally, he/she is proficient in establishing transformation according to a new reference architecture, evaluating existing systems and processes, and developing strategies to achieve the desired future state.
  • In summary, the OT Business Consultant is a key figure in improving the organization’s OT landscape. With expertise in OT, application management, network monitoring, and experience in transitioning to a new reference architecture, he/she contributes to the successful implementation of one of the most important programs in the organization.

Kennis en kunde:

  • The OT Business Consultant also has experience working in an international environment, particularly concerning production sites in Europe. He/she understands the complexity of operating in a multinational context and can effectively communicate (both in writing and verbally) and collaborate with teams across different locations.
  • He/she is also willing to visit various foreign sites as needed. Experience within OT is a must (5 years plus). Experience with security, middleware, and infrastructure is highly desirable.Context:
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Rol: OT Business Consultant
Opdrachtgever: JDE
Werklocatie: Op afstand en op kantoor in Utrecht
Opdrachtduur: april – sept 2024 Ca. 6 maanden
Optie tot verlenging: Ja, hoogstwaarschijnlijk
Aantal uur per week: 40 uur
Tarief EUR 123
CV: Engelstalig CV op Metis CV Format met motivatiebrief aub
Sluitingsdatum: 8 maart


6 maart 2024
Lucas Lohmann